Saturday, June 25, 2005


45s show playlist, June 25, 2005

Hour #1: guest, Ruben Molina author of "Old Barrio Guide to Lowrider Music"

1. Tommy Ridgely "Jam Up"
2. Tommy Ridgely "Girl From Kooka Mooga"
3. Calvin & Clarence "I Don't Know (School Girl)"
4. Sessions "Do Not Forsake Me"
note: released as the Young Hearts
5. Sessions "Don't Know Why"
note: released as the Marathons
6. Tommy Turner "I'll Be Gone"
7. Tommy Turner "Lady"
note: backed by the Autographs
8. Frankie Karl & Dreams "Don't Be Afraid"
9. Frankie Karl & Dreams "I'm So Glad"
10. Jimmy Conwell "Let It All Out"
11. Jimmy Conwell "I'm So Glad"
12. Jimmy Conwell "Second Hand Happiness"
13. Lee Jones & Sounds Of Soul "This House Is Haunted"
note: the Masqueraders
14. Tony Owens "Confessin' A Feeling"
note: original version
15. Jesse & Teardrops "Kansas City"

Hour #2: guest, Ruben Molina author of "Old Barrio Guide to Lowrider Music"
1. Little Jesse "Ain't No Big Thing"
2. Donald Woods & the Delighters "Elephant Walk"
3. Generations "To You"
4. Danny & the Dreams "Ask the Lonely"
5. Jimmy Gilford "Heartbroken"
6. Joe Bataan "If I Were King"
7. Playboys "Falling In Love With You"
8. Sounds "You Could Never Be Mine"
9. Exits "Under the Street Lamp"
10. Younghearts "I've Got Love For My Baby"
11. Henry & Kasual "Forever"
12. Freddi & Henchie "I'm Just A Nobody"
13. Younghearts "Oh I'll Never Be the Same"
14. Younghearts "Sweet Soul Shakin'"

Sunday, June 19, 2005

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Saturday, June 18, 2005


45s show playlist, June 18, 2005

Hour #1 spotlite: Don Covay / The Angelenos

1. Red Prysock "Rock & Roll Party"
2. Al Savage "I Need"
3. Wade Cooper "Look Ahead"
4. Don Covay "One Little Boy Had Money"
5. Universals "A Love Only You Can Give"
6. Suzy & the Copycats "Come Back To Me"
7. Prince Charles "Cherry Ann"
8. Tommy Ridgeley "In the Same Old Way"
9. Don Covay "Turn It On"
10. Don Covay "Popeye Waddle"
backed by Rick & the Masters
11. Don Covay "Mercy Mercy"
12. Don Covay "Please Do Something"
13. Angelenos "On An Island"
14. Camille Brown & Angelenos "Angels In Heaven"
15. Angelenos "As Long As I Have You"
16. Don Covay "Take This Hurt Off Me"
17. Don Covay "A Woman's Love"
18. Camille Brown & Angelenos "You're Gonna Be Sorry"
19. Don Covay "Froogin'"
20. Angelenos "Hully Gully Fever"
21. Red Prysock "Rock & Roll Mambo"

Hour #2 - spotlite: Gene Chandler (the Chess/Brunswick years)

1. Red Prysock "Riffin' With Red"
2. Johnny Honeycutt "Comin' On Over"
3. Cordials "Eternal Love"
4. Visions "There'll Be No Next Time"
5. Coolbreezers "Just Room For Two"
6. Gene Chandler "I Fooled You This Time"
7. Gene Chandler "The Girl Don't Care"
8. Cool Canaries "Please Be My Sweet Heart"
9. Coolbreezers "You Know I Go For You"
10. Anthony Renfro "Stompin'"
11. Ben Roberts "Hangover"
12. Gene Chandler "To Be A Lover"
13. Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin "Show Me the Way"
14. Gene Chandler "No Peace No Satisfaction"
15. Gene Chandler "There Was A Time"
16. Forevers "Baby"
17. Malcolm Dodds "Mr. Broadloom"
18. Gene Chandler "River Of Tears"
19. Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin "From the Teacher To the Preacher"
20. Gene Chandler "Go Back Home"
21. Meadowlarks "It's Stompin' Time Pt. 2"

Saturday, June 11, 2005


45s show playlist, June 11, 2005

Hour #1 - spotlite on Prince Patridge

1. Jimmy McGriff "Keep Loose"
2. Huskies "Go And Get Yourself A Hat"
3. Prince Patridge "Don't Talk Back"
4. Two Queens And A King "Ooh Wee Baby"
5. Appegios "I'll Be Singing"
6. Convincers "Rejected Love"
7. Two Queens And A King "Set Me Afire"
8. Convincers "Get Back Baby"
9. Appegios "Mary"
10. Prince Patridge "Cooperation Pt. 1"
11. Prince Patridge "Cooperation Pt. 2"
12. Jayhawks "The Creature"
13. Clay Hammond & Johnny Young/Celebrities "We Made Roamnce"
14. Satisfactions "Oh Why"
15. Clay Hammond & Johnny Young "Absent Minded"
16. Jayhawks "Everyone Should Know"
17. Satisfactions "We Will Walk Together"
18. Rickie Dickson "You Broke My Heart"
19. Gents "Golly Golly Dolly"
20. Prince Patridge "Choosing A Career"
21. Jimmy McGriff "The Worm"

Hour #2
1. Marvin & Uptights "Double Dose Of Soul"
2. Prince La La "She Put the Hurt On Me"
3. Cliff Ayers & Continentals "I Wonder Why"
4. Spinners "Lover's Prayer"
5. Cliff Ayers & Continentals "Dance With the Dolly"
6. Spinners "Goofin'"
7. Dreamlovers "These Will Be the Good Old Days"
8. Sheppards "Meant To Be"
9. Dreamlovers "Oh Baby Mine"
10. Sheppards "It's Crazy"
11. Gatorvettes "If It's Tonight"
12. Prince La La "Getting Married Soon"
13. Gatorvettes "Midnight"
14. Donnels "Here Comes the Bride"
15. Flirtations "Nothing But A Heartache"
16. Donnels "Johnny Oh"
17. Larks "Forget Me"
18. Jay Darrow "The Body-O Twist"
19. Larks "The Jerk"
20. Jimmy Dockett "I Need You Around"
21. Marvin & Uptights "Oomph"

Sunday, June 05, 2005


45s Show Playlist, June 4, 2005

Hour #1 - spotlite on the Ideals

1. Nicky Roberts & the 3 Bars "Spaceflight (Out Of Nowhere)"
2. Ideals "Mo' Gorilla"
3. Joel Hill "I Thought It Over"
4. Lee Dorsey "Eenie Meenie Minie Mo"
5. Falcons "Standing On Guard"
6. Ideals "Feeling Of A Kiss"
7. Ideals "Magic"
8. Redbone "Little Girl"
9. Five Satins "In the Still Of the Night"
note: Lana label remake
10. Clovers "Devil Or Angel"
11. Joey Dee & Starliters "Roly Poly"
12. Sam Cooke "Win Your Love For Me"
13. Eddie Holland "Just Ain't Enough Love"
14. Ideals "Teens"
15. Ideals "Magic"
16. Ideals "L.A."
17. Ideals "The Gorilla"
18. Bruce Cloud "Let Me Come Back Home"
19. Bobby Rydell "You'll Never Tame Me"
20. Ideals "Together"
21. Ideals "Tell Her I Apologize"
22. Jimmy McGriff "Lonely Avenue Pt. 1"

Hour #2 - spotlite on Wilbert Harrison

1. Jimmy McGriff "Lonely Avenue Pt. 1"
2. Wilbert Harrison "Louie Louie"
3. Wilbert Harrison "Don't Drop It"
4. Wilbert Harrison "Da Dee Ya Da"
with the Roamers
5. Wilbert Harrison "Da Dee Ya Da"
Fury label remake
6. Joel Hill "Little Lover"
7. Cookie Jackson "Your Good Girl Has Gone Bad"
8. Patience Valentine "Unlucky Girl"
9. Wilbert Harrison "New York City World's Fair"
10. Wilbert Harrison "Off To School Again"
note: with the K.C. Playboys
11. Wilbert Harrison "Women & Whiskey"
12. Rex Middleton's Hi Fis "Wow"
13. Fabulous McCleverlys "Don't Blame It On Elvis"
14. Wilbert Harrison "Let's Work Together Pt. 1"
15. Wilbert Harrison "Let's Stick Together"
16. Wilbert Harrison "Let's Work Together Pt. 2"
17. Wilbert Harrison "That Woman Of Mine"
note: retitled "Gonna Tell A Story"
18. Wilbert Harrison "Kansas City"
19. Wilbert Harrison "Darling Listen To the Words Of This Song"
20. Wilbert Harrison "Off To Work Again"
21. Wilbert Harrison "1960"
22. Wilbert Harrison "Florida Special"
note: more or less, after false start...well, nobody's perfect. Actually, it was intentional, to prove that I brought in real 45s...sure.

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