Saturday, June 18, 2005


45s show playlist, June 18, 2005

Hour #1 spotlite: Don Covay / The Angelenos

1. Red Prysock "Rock & Roll Party"
2. Al Savage "I Need"
3. Wade Cooper "Look Ahead"
4. Don Covay "One Little Boy Had Money"
5. Universals "A Love Only You Can Give"
6. Suzy & the Copycats "Come Back To Me"
7. Prince Charles "Cherry Ann"
8. Tommy Ridgeley "In the Same Old Way"
9. Don Covay "Turn It On"
10. Don Covay "Popeye Waddle"
backed by Rick & the Masters
11. Don Covay "Mercy Mercy"
12. Don Covay "Please Do Something"
13. Angelenos "On An Island"
14. Camille Brown & Angelenos "Angels In Heaven"
15. Angelenos "As Long As I Have You"
16. Don Covay "Take This Hurt Off Me"
17. Don Covay "A Woman's Love"
18. Camille Brown & Angelenos "You're Gonna Be Sorry"
19. Don Covay "Froogin'"
20. Angelenos "Hully Gully Fever"
21. Red Prysock "Rock & Roll Mambo"

Hour #2 - spotlite: Gene Chandler (the Chess/Brunswick years)

1. Red Prysock "Riffin' With Red"
2. Johnny Honeycutt "Comin' On Over"
3. Cordials "Eternal Love"
4. Visions "There'll Be No Next Time"
5. Coolbreezers "Just Room For Two"
6. Gene Chandler "I Fooled You This Time"
7. Gene Chandler "The Girl Don't Care"
8. Cool Canaries "Please Be My Sweet Heart"
9. Coolbreezers "You Know I Go For You"
10. Anthony Renfro "Stompin'"
11. Ben Roberts "Hangover"
12. Gene Chandler "To Be A Lover"
13. Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin "Show Me the Way"
14. Gene Chandler "No Peace No Satisfaction"
15. Gene Chandler "There Was A Time"
16. Forevers "Baby"
17. Malcolm Dodds "Mr. Broadloom"
18. Gene Chandler "River Of Tears"
19. Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin "From the Teacher To the Preacher"
20. Gene Chandler "Go Back Home"
21. Meadowlarks "It's Stompin' Time Pt. 2"

I have never heard this song by Camille Brown & Angelenos. Would it be possible for you to post this track somewhere or perhaps send me an MP3 of this song? Thanks.

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