Sunday, June 05, 2005


45s Show Playlist, June 4, 2005

Hour #1 - spotlite on the Ideals

1. Nicky Roberts & the 3 Bars "Spaceflight (Out Of Nowhere)"
2. Ideals "Mo' Gorilla"
3. Joel Hill "I Thought It Over"
4. Lee Dorsey "Eenie Meenie Minie Mo"
5. Falcons "Standing On Guard"
6. Ideals "Feeling Of A Kiss"
7. Ideals "Magic"
8. Redbone "Little Girl"
9. Five Satins "In the Still Of the Night"
note: Lana label remake
10. Clovers "Devil Or Angel"
11. Joey Dee & Starliters "Roly Poly"
12. Sam Cooke "Win Your Love For Me"
13. Eddie Holland "Just Ain't Enough Love"
14. Ideals "Teens"
15. Ideals "Magic"
16. Ideals "L.A."
17. Ideals "The Gorilla"
18. Bruce Cloud "Let Me Come Back Home"
19. Bobby Rydell "You'll Never Tame Me"
20. Ideals "Together"
21. Ideals "Tell Her I Apologize"
22. Jimmy McGriff "Lonely Avenue Pt. 1"

Hour #2 - spotlite on Wilbert Harrison

1. Jimmy McGriff "Lonely Avenue Pt. 1"
2. Wilbert Harrison "Louie Louie"
3. Wilbert Harrison "Don't Drop It"
4. Wilbert Harrison "Da Dee Ya Da"
with the Roamers
5. Wilbert Harrison "Da Dee Ya Da"
Fury label remake
6. Joel Hill "Little Lover"
7. Cookie Jackson "Your Good Girl Has Gone Bad"
8. Patience Valentine "Unlucky Girl"
9. Wilbert Harrison "New York City World's Fair"
10. Wilbert Harrison "Off To School Again"
note: with the K.C. Playboys
11. Wilbert Harrison "Women & Whiskey"
12. Rex Middleton's Hi Fis "Wow"
13. Fabulous McCleverlys "Don't Blame It On Elvis"
14. Wilbert Harrison "Let's Work Together Pt. 1"
15. Wilbert Harrison "Let's Stick Together"
16. Wilbert Harrison "Let's Work Together Pt. 2"
17. Wilbert Harrison "That Woman Of Mine"
note: retitled "Gonna Tell A Story"
18. Wilbert Harrison "Kansas City"
19. Wilbert Harrison "Darling Listen To the Words Of This Song"
20. Wilbert Harrison "Off To Work Again"
21. Wilbert Harrison "1960"
22. Wilbert Harrison "Florida Special"
note: more or less, after false start...well, nobody's perfect. Actually, it was intentional, to prove that I brought in real 45s...sure.
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