Saturday, March 03, 2007


Playlist Feb 3, 2007

Special guest: blues guitarist Curtis Jack Griffin who played and sang live (numbered songs are on record; live music indicated by "plays/sings").

Hour #1

1 Jimmie Ellis – Put Your Hoe In My Row
2 Curtis Jack Griffin - I Get So Lonesome

Plays/sings “Automobile Blues” by Lightning Hopkins.
Plays/sings “Stormy Monday” T-Bone Walker
Plays/sings “Why Did You Wait” by Ernest Tubb

3 Curtis Jack Griffin - Storm Clouds

Plays/sings “Reconsider Baby” by Lowell Fulson.

Plays/sings “3 O’clock in the Morning” by Lowell Fulson.
Plays/sings "My Time Is Expensive" by Gatemouth Brown

4 Curtis Jack Griffin - Ain’t Never Comin’ Back

Hour 2

Plays/sings “Sinner’s Prayer” by Lowell Fulson

1 Curtis Jack Griffin - Baby Have Your Way

Plays/sings “Hoo Doo Woman.”
Plays/sings “You Got Me Tied Down To You, Like A Dog Tied To Your Backyard Fence”

2 Curtis Jack Griffin- Movin’ On
3 Curtis Jack Griffin - Your Love Is Dying
4 Curtis Jack Griffin - Gotta Lump
5 Curtis Jack Griffin - I Want To Be With You
6 Curtis Jack Griffin - I Get So Lonesome
Curtis Griffin will be in concert on Saturday,March 8,2009 at Blue Dog Tavern in Long Beach, CA at 9PM
He's 70 years old. Steve Propes, you need to check him out. This may be the last time.
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