Monday, January 22, 2007


Playlist Jan 6, 2007

Hour #1

1 Johnny Otis – Wa Wa
2 Calvin Boze – Safronia B
3 Johnny Otis – Hey Hey Hey Hey
4 Mojo Watson – Look A There
5 Right Kind – Going Back
6 Little Julian Herrera – Symbol Of Heaven
7 Playgirls – Donnie
8 Sugarpie & Pee Wee – Don’t Ever Leave Me
9 Little Esther – the Deacon Moves In
10 Betty James – I’m A Little Mixed Up
11 Flamingos – Jump Children
12 Amos Milburn – House Party
13 Four Tops – Could It Be You
14 Dominoes – Have Mercy Baby
15 Peppers – Rockin’ Chair Baby
16 Tiny Bradshaw – the Train Kept A Rollin’
17 Willie Gator Tail Jackson – Wine Oh Wine
18 Paul Williams – Hastings St. Bounce

Hour #2

1 Paul Williams – Paradise Valley
2 George Zimmerman & Thrills – Ain’t Got No Money To Pay For This Drink
3 Jac-O-Lacs – Shoo Be Shoo Be Doo
4 Sonny Knight – But Officer
5 Clint Stacey – This Ole House
6 Billy Miranda – Go Ahead
7 Clydie King & Teens – Oh Me
8 Meadowlarks – Love Only You
9 Sounds – So Unnecessary
10 Barons – Forever
11 Cliques – Girl In My Dreams
12 Robins – I Made A Vow
13 B.B. King – Sneakin’ Around
14 Young Jesse – Don’t Think I Will
15 Trojans – I Wanna Make Love To You
16 Cobras – I Will Return
17 Mercy Dee – Get To Getting’
18 Sweet Teens? - Jimmy’s Got Bad Feet
19 Elliott Shavers – Blue Bottom
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