Monday, August 29, 2005


Trivia Contest #1

Who these people be?

Click on the comments section if you think you know the name of the famous artist recording under the following pseudonyms:

1. The Ecuadors on "Let Me Sleep Woman" on Argo was...

2. The Queen on "Honky Tonky" on Mercury was...

3. Betty & Dupree on "I Hope You're Satisfied" on Kent were...

Hint: all of these 45s were released in 1959.

The first to correctly answer any or all of the above will be the first to correctly answer any or all of the above.

Good luck
Could it be these:
1. Ecuadors - Chuck Berry
2. Queen of Honky Tonky - Koko Taylor
3. Betty & Dupree - Etta James & Harvey Fuqua

Hi Rosie,

Thanks for trying. You got two out of three correct, but I'm not giving up on it yet.
Hi Steve, my guess for the 2nd one is Dinah Washington...cant think of anyone else who was 'the Queen' on that label...thx, Steve
OK, you've got them correct...

Ecuadors=Chuck Berry
The Queen=Dinah Washington
Betty & Dupree=Etta James & Harvey Fuqua

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