Saturday, August 27, 2005


45s show playlist, Aug. 27, 2005

Note: no live show on Sept. 3 for Labor Day weekend.

Hour #1
1. Mark III "Good Grease"
2. Charles Lamont & Extremes "I've Got To Keep Movin'"
3. Jackie Day "Oh What Heartaches"
4. Joel Moore "Seeking"
5. Freddy Robinson "Go Go Girl"
6. Snapshots "That's What I Like"
7. Maureen Gray "Doin' the Strand"
8. Premiers "Tonight"
9. Chug & Doug "My Girl"
10. Frank Moore Four "Looka Here Baby"
11. Inspirations "Love Can Be So Wonderful"
12. Apostles "Pick It Up"
13. Tony Borders "Get Yourself Another Man"
14. Johnny Bartell & Soul Masters "I Waited Too Long"
15. Roy Tann "Isabella"
16. Lucky Millinder "Good Good Love"
17. Mel Williams w/ Gerald Wilson "Come Early Stay Late"
18. Oscar Black "I'm A Fool To Care"
19. Kartunes "Dedicated To Love"
20. Valentines "Hey Ruby"
21. Mark III "G'wan"

Hour #2
1. Apostles "Soulful"
2. Denny King "Go Down Moses"
3. Crestones "She's A Bad Motorcyle"
4. Vapors "The Wash"
5. Charles Lamont & Extremes "Doin' Mickey's Jerk"
6. Capistranos "Now Darling"
7. Sunny Dupain "Need You Need You"
8. Inspirations "Kiss & Make Up"
9. Snapshots "I Need You"
10. Jimmy Ives "My Fumbling Heart"
11. Charlie Blackwell "KX2 Secret Spy"
12. Barbara Lynn "Just Lay It On the Line"
13. Bonnie & Lee "I Need You"
14. Tommy Eckard "Long Lonely Hours"
15. Eddie Foster "I'm Grown"
16. Rockin' Royals "You're Breakin' My Heart"
17. Ivory Joe Hunter "I've Been Searching"
18. Frankie & Johnny "Please Be My Love Tonight"
19. Vapors "Operator Operator Operator"
20. WIllie Brown & Cameos "Cut It Out"
21. Roy Tann "I Don't Like It"
22. Premiers "I Think I Love You"
23. Googie Rene "Big Time"
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