Sunday, May 22, 2005


Playlist "Steve Propes 45s Show" May 21, 2005

Hour #1:

1. Booker T & the MGs "Hip Hug Her" (live)
2. Ray Agee "From Now On"
3. Little Jerry Williams "Let's Do the Wobble"
4. Charades "Please Be My Love Tonight'
5. Five Crowns "God Bless You"
6. Bobby Moore & the 4 Most "You've Got To Live For Yourself"
7. Medallions "Behind the Door"
8. Lonnie Russ "Something Old, Something New"
9. Richard Berry "Please Tell Me"
10. Serenaders "Adios"
11. Spinners "Bird Watchin'"
12. James Conwell "I Know I'm Sure I'm In Love"
13. Chavez & Chaney "Picadilly Rose"
14. Little Esther "The Deacon Moves In"
15. Meditation Singers "Ain't That Good News"
16. Wynonie Harris "Bloodshot Eyes"
17. Johnny Otis "Stop Look & Love Me"
18. Joe Lutcher "Joe Joe Jump"
19. Johnny Otis "The Night Is So Young"
18. Joe Lutcher "Strat-O-Cruiser"

Hour #2 Guest: Tony Allen

1. Johnny Otis "Midnight Creeper"
2. Louis Jordan "I Want You To Be My Baby"
instrumental set up
3. Dominoes "Have Mercy Baby"
4. Arthur Lee Maye "I Need Your Love"
5. Tony Allen "I'm Just Your Fool"
backing by the Soul Stirrers (led by Kylo Turner)
6. Tony Allen "Dreamin'"
7. Tony Allen "I'm Dreaming"
aka "Dream Girl"
8. Tony Allen "I Found An Angel"
9. Tony Allen "Give Me A Chance"
10. Etta James "That Crazy Feelin'"
11. Tony Allen "Star Of Love"
12. Tony Allen "Nite Owl"
LOVE your show !! And your books :)
When i tuned into WPMD on Sunday May 30 - It played May 7th show ? Are they that far behind? I'm a bit confused here
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