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Playlist, May 7, 2005

Hour #1 - tribute to the R&R Hall of Fame and to the Capris out of Philly

1. Ray Charles "Doodlin'"
2. Chuck Berry "Almost Grown"
3. James Brown "Good Good Lovin'"
4. Ray Charles "Let's Go Get Stoned"
note: all of the above are in the R&R HOF, as is #6
5. Capris "Rock Pretty Baby"
6. Crowns "Kiss & Make Up"
last record by this group before they became the "There Goes My Baby" Drifters
7. T-Birds "Green Stamps"
8. Gary & Green "All Around the World"
9. 4 Sportsmen "Jelly Roll Brown"
10. Boogaloo "Cops & Robbers"
11. Capris "God Only Knows"
12. Capris "Oh My Darling"
13. Capris "That's What You're Doin' To Me"
14. 4 Sportsmen "Jelly Roll Brown" (partial)/"Sixty Minute Man"
which proves that the DJ isn't afraid to flip a record on-air...
15. Boogaloo "Wrap It Up"
16. Cookies "Don't Let Go"
17. Tammy "Take Back Your Ring"
18. Crowns "I'll Forget About You"
19. Native Boys "Cherlynn"
20. Chuck Berry "Little Queenie"
21. Jimmy Coe "Raid On the After Hour's Joint"

Hour #2 tribute to Johnny Otis's post-Capitol label career
1. Thee Midniters "Land Of 1000 Dances pt. 2"
2. Aladdins "Get Off Your Feet"
3. Johnny Otis "Country Girl"
4. Ray Charles "Mess Around"
5. Vibes "Misunderstood"
6. Creations "We're In Love"
7. Royal Jesters "Let's Kiss & Mike Up"
8. 4 J's "Here I Am Broken-Hearted"
9. Tommy Lewis "Wail Baby Wail"
10. Johnny Otis "New Bo Diddley"
11. Johnny Otis "The Hash"
12. Johnny Otis "Somebody Call the Station"
13. Dee Dee Sharpe "Funny Situation"
14. Linda Metheny "You Walked Out Of My Life...and the DJ took the needle off the disc in
mid-play because of country & western content..."
15. Four Tempos "Showdown"
16. Linda Metheny "How Much I Love Him"
should've been #14
17. Shells "Satisfied"
18. Sensations "Please Mr. Disc Jockey"
19. Johnny Otis "Jelly Roll"
20. Johnny Otis "Bye Bye Baby" (fast version)
21. Johnny Otis "Bye Bye Baby" (slow version)
note: different songs, same title
22. Johnny Otis "Back Stage At the Blackouts"
23. Johnny Otis "Yes"
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