Monday, March 07, 2005


Playlist, March 5, 2006

Hour #1 (spotlite on the Castletones)
1. Don Julian & the Meadowlarks "It's Stompin' Time"
2. Ray Sharpe "Gonna Let It Go This Time"
3. Vows "I Wanna Chance"
4. Ribbons "My Baby Said"
5. Mike Kelly "I Know"
6. Etta & Harvey "My Heart Cries"
7. Velvets "I"
8. Johnnie & Joe "Darling"
9. Castletones "We Met At A Dance"
10. Metallics "Need Your Love
11. Al Reed "Magic Carpet"
12. Al TNT Braggs "Earthquake"
13. Castletones "At the Hot Dog Stand"
14. Castletones "No Pork In the Beans"
15. Dee Dee Warwick "Don't Think My Baby's Comin' Home"
16. Yvonne Carroll "There He Goes"
17. Furys "Baby You Can Bet Your Boots"
18. Andy & the Marglows "Superman Lover"
19. Castletones "Goodnight"
20. Sylvester Statuslack Hupp & the Hupsters "Theme From Pad"

Hour #2 (Johnny Guitar Watson special)
1. King Curtis "Beach Party"
2. Johnny Guitar Watson "Ain't Gonna Move"
3. Egyptian Kings "Give Me Your Love"
4. Bingo Miller & the Velvetones "I Know A Valley"
5. Al TNT Braggs "How Long Do You Hold On"
6. Johnny Guitar Watson "Johnny Guitar"
7. Johnny Guitar Watson "Rat Now"
8. Johnny Guitar Watson "Untouchable"
(with the Olympics?)
9. Johnny Guitar Watson "Hot Little Mamma (sic)"
10. Johnny Guitar Watson "Too Tired"
11. Resonics "Split Personality"
12. Pat & Lolly Vegas "Don't You Remember"
13. Yvonne Carroll "Please Don't Go"
14. Dee Dee Sharp "Wild"
15. Amos Milburn "Vicious Vicious Vodka"
16. Mojo Watson "Look A-There"
17. Johnny Guitar Watson "Oh So Fine"
18. Johnny Guitar Watson "Looking Back"
19. Wee Willie Wayne "I Remember"
20. Johnny Guitar Watson "Honey"
(with the Turks)
21. Pharoahs "Heads Up, High Hopes Over You"
22. King Curtis "Turn Em On"
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