Saturday, March 12, 2005


Playlist, March 12, 2005

Hour #1 (spotlite on the Aktones)
1. Harper-Brinson "Harper's Express"
2. Metallics "Itchy Twitchy Two"
3. Egyptian Kings "I Need Your Love"
4. Akim & Aktones "Fall In Love With Me"
5. Bettye Swann "What Can It Be"
6. Barbara & the Browns "Big Party"
7. Robert Knight "You Better Stop"
8. Jimmy Norman "Here Comes the Night"
9. Tony Moon & the Aktones "L-O-V-E"
10. Will Wendell & the Aktones "Little Blue Boy"
11. Chris Perry & Mockers "Angela Jones"
12. Ritchie Valens "Come On, Let's Go"
13. Clovers "I Played the Fool"
14. Spiders "Sukey Sukey Sukey"
15. Tony Moon & the Aktones "N-A-C-L"
16. Will Wendell & the Aktones "Lover"
17. Gary & Green "All Around the World"
18. T-Birds "Green Stamps"
19. Hollywood Flames "Let's Talk It Over"
20. Tony Allen "Why In the World"
21. Aki & Ravels "Voodoo Drums"

Hour #2 (spotlite on the Ambertones)
1. Ambertones "Cruise"
2. Wee Willie Wayne "Travelin' Mood"
3. Ambertones "Clap Your Hands"
4. Robinson Bros. "Party Time"
5. Paul Grady "Darling I Understand"
6. Ray Johnson "Bit Of Fire"
7. Ambertones "I Need Someone"
8. Ambertones "One Summer Night"
9. Bobby Joy "Letter From A Soldier"
10. Incredibles "I Love You For Sentimental Reasons"
11. Rays "Moo Goo Gai Pan"
12. Dells "Zing Zing Zing"
13. Ambertones "Charlena"
14. Ambertones "If I Do"
15. Maxine Womack "Hello My Lover Goodbye"
16. Betha Tillman "Oh My Angel"
17. Ambertones "I Only Have Eyes For You"
18. Ambertones "You Don't Know Like I Know"
19. Clarence Garlow "Bon Ton Roulay"
20. Evelyn Freeman & Exciting Voices "Didn't It Rain"
21. Ambertones "Bandido"
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