Sunday, March 13, 2005


Guests and more

On Tuesday, WPMD will be running a half hour Chuck Niles special that originally ran on KCRW, created by Ken Borgers. The show will also run on Long Beach City College radio at the same noon time. Rare airchecks and more, really quite effective.

I'm currently speaking with a few potential guests, as many of the great L.A. r&b stars are no longer with us. Had I started my KLON r&b show 20 years later, there would have been no Richard Berry, no Don Julian, no Vernon Green, no Leon Peels, no Harold Baptiste, no Lee Allen, no Eugene Church, no Curtis Mayfield, no Leon Rene, no Bobby Day...almost nobody's left.

Potential guests? Young Jesse, Jewel Akens, Rip Spencer, Tony Allen, Gaynel Hodge, if he can be located, and who else? Zola Taylor? Shirley Gunter? Marvin Phillips? All most unlikely. It's worth considering and wondering about, at the very least.

Suggestions are encouraged, right here.
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