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WPMD Playlist Oct. 2, 2004

Debut Blogged Show

Welcome to the Steve Propes 45s Show Blog. Heard mostly live every Saturday on Internet Radio WPMD ( from 9 to 11 a.m., vintage and occasional new 45s are played. At some moment after each live show, I will be posting the playlist of each show.Here's what you can do to make this show interactive.

Listen to the show.

Listen to the records.

Enjoy, hate or yawn when you hear the songs.

If there's one you like, I can always play it again. On the comment page, react to the list. What songs do you like, what songs do you hate, what songs do you want to know more about? What records would you like me to break (good luck)? And maybe most importantly, what songs would you like me to play again on the next live show? The first posted request gets it played again during the next live show (promise), unless the anti-position heavily outweighs your request...after all, it's my show. But for me to know, you've got to comment. Sneaky, aren't I?

Playlist "Steve Propes 45s Show" Oct. 2, 2004

Hour #1
1 George Jenkins Drum Boogie
2 Richard Berry & Pharoahs Rock Rock Rock
3 Little Tommy Brown Won’t You Forgive Me
4 Four Blades I Want You To Be My Girl
5 Blenders Military Kick
6 Richard Barrett The Snake & the Bookworm
7 Bernard Byers No Time To Cry
8 Cornell Blakely Don’t Touch the Moon9 Blends Tell Me
10 Carians Only A Dream
11 Roy Brown Rocks Is My Pillow
12 Ruth Brown Shake A Hand
13 Little Willie John Come On Sugar
14 Ted Jarrett Goofin’ Off
15 Bishops The Wedding
16 Ray Clauson & Teen Tops God’s Little Acre
17 Blue Jays Earth Angel
18 Valentines Gettin’ With the Twist

Hour #2
1 Miles Grayson Sweet Bread
2 Al Savage I Need
3 Ray Johnson Calypso Joe
4 Blue Jays Hearts Of Stone (partial)
5 Blue Jays Pledging My Love
6 Willie Headen & 5 Birds The Skinny Woman Story
7 Carians Snooty Friends
8 Bullmoose Jackson Cherokee Boogie
9 Rene Hall Do It Up Right
10 Blanders Jitterbug
11 Blenders Kicks
12 Iona Wade & Billboards I Love You Baby
13 Emile Frank & Toppers My True Story
14 V8s Guess Who
15 Matthew Jacobs Loaded Down
16 Issacher Whole Lot Of Love
17 Freddy Watson & Restorators The Unlucky 7
18 Atlantics Flame Of Love
19 Madame Posey & Travelaires The World Is In A Bad Condition
20 Fabulous Playboys Nervous
21 Miles Grayson You Were Mine

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