Saturday, October 23, 2004


Playlist "Steve Propes 45s Show" Oct. 23, 2004

Playlist "Steve Propes 45s Show" Oct. 23, 2004

Hour #1
1. Chuz Alfred Caravan
2. Spiders Suki Suki Suki
3. Camille Bob & Lollipops Got To Get Away
4. Larks Come Back Baby
5. Rolling Crew Home On Alcatraz
6. Marathons The Stranger
7. Morry Williams & Kids Are You My Girlfriend
8. Romancers I Still Remember
9. Rosco Gordon Just A Little Bit
10. Ben Roberts Love Has No Secrets
11. Rolling Crew Cryin' Emma
12. Romancers Housecat
13. Morry Williams & Kids Oh Louise
14. Stop N Go Mr. Howard Hughes
15. Larks Shorty the Pimp
16. Imperials Life Of Ease
note: answer to Sixty Minute Man
17. King Crooners Now That She's Gone
18. Lexingtons I Found My Baby
note: answer to There Goes My Baby
19. Bobby Charles Take It Easy Greasy
20. Adolph Jacobs Move Around Easy

Hour #2
1. Ronnie & Pomona Casuals Casual Blues
2. Phil Flowers No Kissin' At the Hop
3. Tommy Ridgeley Looped
4. Joe Rich Dreaming Dreaming
5. Earls Look My Way
6. Vickie Lee Crying My Heart Out
7. Henry Strogin & Crowns I Love L.A.
8. Randy & Rockets If You Really Care
9. Dee Dee Sharpe Funny Situation
10. Natural Four Why Should I Stop Now
11. Eskew Reeder We Had Love
12. Iren Richey Puddin Pie
13. Runaways Pardon Me
14. Cleve Cosey & Riders Come Closer
15. Ronnie & Joey Frozen Dinners
16. Edwin Starr Girls Are Getting Prettier
17. Henry Strogin & Crowns I'll Tag Along
18. Rhythm Heirs Why Did You Leave Me
19. Gloria Irving I Need A Man
20. Hi Fi White I Need Somebody
21. Troyce Key Baby Please Don't Go
22. Adolph Jacobs Walkin' & Whistlin'

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